My Services

I offer a full range of services for creating Web sites, mainly on the TYPO3 platform, starting with the analysis of Client's business requirements and creating formal Specification up to implementation of the tasks in a given environment.

How I Work

The first thing I try to pay attention to, starting a new project, whether it's a small task or "LP", is getting the best possible detail on the subject. Time spent at this stage, has a beneficial effect on the lucky performance of the whole project.

As a rule, I am developing on my local network, trying to keep the environment that is identical or close to the customer's environment. This simplifies the design and allows having environment for testing and maintenance without the use of customer’s web server for both development and further support, if any, or for fixing bugs, if any, detected during operation.

As a rule, I insure a long period of free support for established products, including both consultations on the application and fixing bugs.

The specific steps depend on the project and discussed with the customer.