On-line Booking is a part of E-learning system. It allows website visitor to:

  • register as a student
  • logon to restricted area


Being registered as a student, website visitor has the following possibilities:

‘Profile’ menu item:

  • edit her/his own profile (see ‘Profile’ menu item)

‘Courses’ menu item:

  • select language she/he likes to study (courses schedule depends on it)
  • define start date for a period of time she/he is interested in (‘Change start date’ link)
  • select time interval he/she is interested in (‘Select a period’ combobox)
  • see if desired course exists in a selected interval of time (if course is available for some date it’ll be shown under that date)
  • book already existing Course
  • remove existing booking
  • send request for a Course that doesn’t exit yet
  • view teacher data


The same login form is used for Teachers to log in. But teachers have no self-registration option. Their accounts are created by Typo3 administrator and can be sendto website visitor by request (use contact data on the site for that).

Being registered as a teacher, website visitor has the following possibilities:

‘Profile’ menu item:

  • edit her/his own profile (see ‘Profile’ menu item)
  • define periods of own availability (will be used by system administrator for assigning teacher to Course)
  • browse time periods to see courses assigned to her/him
  • see course assigned to him/her
  • confirm or reject appointments

    Typo3 backend application, possibilities (access to application can be offered by request):

    • view new requests on new Course creation sent by students
    • view new abandonment of the course sent by Students
    • view New refusals to carry courses sent by Teachers
    • view Courses appointments which were not confirmed by teachers yet
    • add Course on specific date(s) and appoint teacher to it. Teacher is selected automatically among those who set their availability appropriate and teach language of course being created
    • view and edit teachers (records)
    • view teachers scheduler
    • view courses scheduler
    • edit courses
    • view students and their bookings
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